The Landmark

Experience the grandeur and luxury of Japra Mahal. Whether you are seeking a remarkable retreat, an unforgettable event venue, or a truly exceptional rental experience, this palatial mansion is the epitome of elegance and tranquility.

Living room


Full kitchen

Dining room


Full bathroom



Game Room


What Our Clients Says

"Staying at the Japra Mahal Palace was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with impeccable service and treated like royalty. The palace itself was a masterpiece, showcasing the finest architectural details and opulent decor that truly transported us to a bygone era of grandeur.

Priya Singhaniya

- Liz B. Whittier, CA

Our suite was incredibly spacious and tastefully furnished, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding gardens. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from the luxurious bedding to the high-end amenities provided. It was a true sanctuary of comfort and indulgence.

Shivam Chauhan

Manager, CA

The dining experiences at the Japra Mahal Palace were exceptional. The restaurants offered a range of culinary delights, from traditional local cuisine to international specialties, all prepared with the finest ingredients and presented with artistic flair. Each meal was a gastronomic adventure that delighted our taste buds.

Pyush Khanna

- Director, CA

Overall, our stay at the luxury Mahal Palace was a dream come true. The combination of opulence, unparalleled service, and a rich cultural heritage made it an experience that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We highly recommend the Japra Mahal Palace to anyone seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable luxury getaway."

KR Divakar

- Business, CA

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